Executive Chef

Chef Victor Valenzuela

Chef Victor Valenzuela was born and raised in Arequipa, Peru. His father, a Chilean doctor, and mother, a typical matriarchal stay-at-home mom, reared him on a small farm in the town of Yanahuara. It was on this farm where he found his passion for food and the culinary arts. Victor spent countless hours accompanying his mother in their kitchen, studiously learning the rustic Peruvian cuisine she would prepare for him and his family. He was enraptured by the majesty and creativity he discovered in that kitchen and made it his quest to explore the world and delve deeper into the culinary arts.

After travelling and learning from various nations of South and Central America, Victor set his sights on the United States, eager to make a career out of his love and passion for food. Began his career at the Culinary Institute of America New York, with grit and determination, he moved to our Nation’s Capital with the hopes of establishing himself in the fast-paced Washington Metropolitan culinary scene.

Starting in Joe Theismann restaurant as a kitchen manager, Victor quickly proved his skills behind the lines and was finally allowed to cook as an art. He hit the ground running, and with the support of various mentors, like celebrities Chef Art Smith and Michel Richard, Chef Victor achieved his dream of being a well-respected professional chef. In his thirty-plus years, throughout numerous kitchens in the Washington Metro area, Chef Victor has made a name for himself with his work ethic, high standards, and, fantastic contemporary takes on culinary classics.